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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lost In the Dark

 I've always been fascinated with the fear of the dark.  Its not so much the dark but its being in absolute darkness and knowing someone or something is there with you.

Lost In The Dark 

The shuffling sound of their feet echoed through the cave.  After three days in the dark without a light they were both covered in cuts and bruises.

“Shhh, stop!” said one of the men.

“What is it?”

“There’s that sound again.”

“It’s that way, come on!”  They changed direction with arms stretched out in front of them and shuffling their feet so they wouldn’t step off into a hole in the dark.

Their eyes, starved for light, could already see the faint glow from around the next turn in the cave.  When they realized that they were actually seeing light they began to run.

“Come on! Its just ahead!” shouted the man in front. Stumbling and tripping, they rounded the corner and stopped dead in their tracks.  About 50 feet ahead sat a small table with a single, candle burning.  The light exposed a large chamber that still echoed with the sound of their footsteps.

They both began to yell, “Hello, is anybody there?”  They started toward the table.

They were about half way to the table when a voice answered.  “Yes, I’m here.”  The voice had a strange quality to it.  It had a deep and penetrating sound that startled them both.

They stopped so that they could better hear.  “Are you with the search team?”

“No, I am not,” replied the voice.  The echo of the large chamber they were in made it impossible to determine what direction it was coming from.

“We have been lost for a few days now.  We were spelunking with two other people and we got separated.”  They were slowly moving toward the table, listening hard.  There was no reply.  “Are you still there?” they yelled.  They reached the table.  It was a small table.  There were no chairs.  It was just big enough for two.  It looked old and worn.  The light from the candle was dim.  The far edges of the chamber were dark and covered with moving shadows. “Hello!” they yelled again.

“Do you see a way out?”  said the first man.

“No. I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” said the second man.  He was straining his eyes to see through the dark.

Several minutes passed.  “What do we do?” the first man was beginning to panic.

“We get the hell out of here.”  He reached to pick up the candle.

“Don’t touch my candle,” said the voice from the darkness.

He stopped short of touching the candle.  “I don’t know who you are but you need to show yourself!”

There was movement in the shadow along the far wall.  A short figure moved from the darkness.  It moved quickly as if it were skipping.

“Hello,” said the second man.  He was trying to sound friendly, “Do you know the way to the surface?”

The figure was getting closer.  “There is no way out,” bellowed the deep voice of the figure approaching them.  The closer he got the less human he looked.  He had long matted hair with what looked like two horns that twisted in all directions coming out the top of his head.  His face looked like that of a goat.  He was about four feet tall with the arms of a man, but his lower body was mostly covered with hair.  When he walked, he moved very fast in short sprints, making a sound that made them think he might have hoofed feet.

The two men started to back away “What are you?”  They were horrified at the sight of the creature in front of them.

The figure was now snarling and growling.  “I’m hungry, that’s what I am!”  Just then the figure swung its arm around and hurled a rock hitting one of the men straight in the face.  He dropped to his knees and fell over.

The other man yelled “No!”  He kneeled next to the man on the ground.  His face was completely caved in.  Blood was flowing heavily from the wound.  The man stood up.  He knew that there was no helping the other. He turned and started to run.

The goat-like thing was now laughing and howling so loud that his ears hurt.  He turned the corner and was plunged back into the darkness that he had spent the last three days in.  Except this time he was alone.  His run was now slowing to a fast walk trying to form a picture in his head of the path he was taking.

“You’ll be back!” yelled the thing from behind him, “Like a moth to a flame, they always come back.”  Laughter echoed throughout the cavern.

“What had just happened?” he thought to himself, “Was that some kind of deformed man who had gone insane down here in the dark or had he just been witness to a monster or demon.”

Hours passed.  He tried to stop himself, but he couldn’t.  He was now headed back toward the last place where he had seen light.  “No”, he thought to him self “I can’t go back there.”  Somewhere, deep inside him was a want, a need for the light.  He needed to see light again.  After all, to humans, light means hope and where there is hope there is a chance.  A chance to survive, even if it meant going back and facing that hideous goat-like thing, --then that’s what he had to do.  At least he would see him coming and have some kind of fighting chance.  He wasn’t sure but he had a feeling that that thing didn’t have any trouble navigating these caves in the dark.  To fight him in the pitch black would mean certain death.

He slowly made his way back the way he had come.  At least he thought it was the way. He had become so disoriented by the dark that he was getting vertigo and getting sick every few minutes.  His mind was racing now.  Every sound he heard and every rock he touched filled him with terror.  He felt as if at any second he would bump into that creature-like thing and that would be the end for him.

Slowly, his eyes began to focus on something ahead.  “Light!” he thought to himself.  His feet quickened.  He was becoming angry “Like a moth to flame?  I’ll show you a moth, a pissed off moth!”  He reached down and picked up two rocks and held one in each hand.  He was now jogging, and screaming at the top of his lunges “AAAhhhhahh, I'll kill you, you monster!!!”  He rounded the corner.  The light was bright.  It hurt his eyes.  He threw the rock directly at the center of the light.  He was hoping to hit some part of the freak.  The light went out and was followed by a groan.  “I got you, you fucking monster!” he yelled. He threw the second rock as hard as he had ever thrown anything before in his life.  When he released it he spun around and fell on the ground into something wet and sticky.  The rock made a thud sound when it struck its target.  It was followed by the sound of a body collapsing on the ground.  “Take that you freak!” He yelled.  The chamber he was in was suddenly filled with powerful light.  A light so bright that he was blinded by it.  The sounds of many voices were all around him and closing in fast.  “Get back you fucking freaks.”  He grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on and began swinging it wildly in the air. “I’ll fucking kill all of you!” he screamed.

The sound of a woman’s scream brought him back to reality.  He stopped swinging and wiped the sticky mess of whatever fallen onto his face.  His eyes focused.  “Boot, hiking boots!” he thought to himself. “Its the rescue team!” A few feet in front of him was a man lying unconscious on the ground, bleeding from his head.  Next to him was a broken light.  A woman was kneeling, trying to help him.  As his sight slowly returned, he realized what he had been swinging as a weapon was actually a human arm.  He dropped it, confused.  As all the light from the dozen or so rescuers turned to him, he could see he was standing in a pile of what was once his close friend.  Blood guts and body parts were all around him.  Some had what looked like bites taken from them.  He was covered from head to toe with blood and small pieces of flesh.  He looked around and found a dozen rescue searchers and park rangers staring at him.

“Frank, are you OK?” a man stepped from the center of the crowd.  It was Jeremy Toppan, an old friend of Franks.  They had been on over a hundred cave explorations together. Somehow they had gotten separated and Frank had organized the search party.

“I didn’t do this!” said Frank.

“Just stay where you are Frank.” Jeremy was trying to look calm but wasn’t doing a good job at it.

Frank knew this didn’t look good and he was starting to panic “Did you see him?” he said.

“See who?” Said Jeremy.  He was speaking to Frank as if he was talking to a child.

“The goat man!” Insisted Frank.  “He was just here! He killed Mark.”  Frank’s eyes were darting around the room.

“Frank, just stay calm.  There’s no goat man here.  Just us.  We are going to get you some help Frank.”  Jeremy looked very upset.

Frank could see the accusing look in the eyes of everyone staring at him.  “I didn’t do this, I didn’t!”

A park ranger radioed back to the surface and two state troopers soon arrived.  Seems that the entrance to the cave was only about a hundred yards from where they were.

The two troupers grabbed him by the arms and put handcuffs on him before Frank knew what was happening.

Frank was exhausted.  “What are you doing?  I didn’t do this!”  He was trying to fight but just didn’t have the strength, “Look around, there is a table and a candle here somewhere!  Look for footprints or something.  Please!”  Frank kept yelling and screaming while two men in white coats strapped him to a gurney, loaded him into the back of an ambulance.  It drove away with a police car following.

A young park ranger was off to one side puking.  He wiped his mouth and returned to the conversation between his supervisor, Tom Wilkes, and the Detective who was taking his statement.  “Detective, that guy has what we rangers here at Yellow Stone call Cave Madness.“

“Cave madness, what’s that?” said the detective.

“It's where someone gets lost in a cave without light, food or water for days on end.  They just finally go crazy.  Looks like that guy and his friend got separated from the group. Frank, well he just went crazy and killed his buddy.  I’ve seen it several times.  It's been well documented.  Just go and check the records, this isn’t the first time this has happened.”

“You don’t think that it was a bear or animal that did that?” said the detective while writing in a note pad.

“No way in hell, I’ve seen hundreds of bear attacks and that was no bear attack.”

“OK, Thanks Mr. Wilkes.  We are almost done here.”  He turned and walked away.

“OK, let me know if there is anyway I can help.” said Tom as the detective walked away.

The young ranger was shining his light on the ground near the wall, “Mr. Wilkes, I think there is something you should see.”  There on the ground were hoof prints that lead deeper into the cave.

“So what do you think that is Larry?” Tom said with a knowing look on his face.

“I’m not sure but I plan to find out!” Larry turned and started to follow the tracks.

“I wouldn’t do that unless you want to end up like Franks friend Mike.”

Larry stopped, turned and looked at Tom “What?”  Tom obviously knew more than he was letting on.

“You see Larry, Yellowstone National Park is kind of a special place.” said Tom looking very concerned.

“What do you mean special?” said Larry.

“Come on Larry, lets go somewhere we can talk.  You been her long enough.  It's time you know the truth about Yellowstone.”  Tom brushed sand over the hoof prints with his boot and lead Larry away from the group working the crime seen.  “Well, old Gruff is just one of the many oddities hidden in this park.”  Tom was trying to sound reassuring.

“Who is Gruff?”

“You know the child’s tale about the troll who lived under the bridge and ate the goats?”  Tom was speaking very matter of fact.

“You mean Three Billy Goats Gruff?”  Larry was getting confused.

“Yea, except he’s not a troll.  He’s more part man, part goat.  We just gave him that name because he looks like a goat and if you stay down here in these caves long enough he’ll catch you and eat you.  Those guys just had a run of bad luck, thats al

“We got to tell the detective about this.”  Larry was getting excited and started to walk away.

Tom put his hand on Larry's shoulder and stopped him.  “Larry, if those guys had walked into a bears den and the bear got them, would you blame the bear for doing what bears do?”

“No, but that’s a bear.” said Larry.

“And Gruff is just another one of Yellowstone’s creatures.  There will be no telling anyone other than me or one of the other park rangers about anything that happens in this park.”

“That thing is a killer!”  Larry was getting frustrated.

Tom could see the concern in his eyes.  “You go and tell that Detective that you think that man was right about some kind of goat man and they’ll haul you off to the funny farm along with that guy”

Larry knew he was right “Ok.” he said.

“Son,” Tom was speaking low and with authority, “when you were given that badge, you took an oath to protect this park and all of the creatures that live here.  Don’t betray that promise you made.  Larry, this is a special place.  Because this place is so special President Roosevelt formed the National Parks Service and the Park Rangers to make sure that things stay the way they are.”

Larry paused and thought for a long while before saying anything “I think I understand.”

“Good, you had me worried.” Tom was more relaxed “There for a second I thought I was going to have to feed you to the dinosaurs over in Hidden Valley.”

“Are there really dinosaurs here?” asked Larry.

“Nah, I was just kidding, but come to work early tomorrow morning and I’ll introduce you to the fairies that live over in Fire Hole Canyon.” Tom smiled.

“You’re kidding, right?” Said Larry.

“Nope, that’s the truth.”  Tom adjusted his hat and started walking out of the cave. Larry followed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Year Voyage

     I wrote this short SiFi story about a year ago.  Its only about 1000 words long and a really quick read.  I hope you enjoy it!

Samuel took his seat on the bridge where he always sat at 0700 hours.  After all, he was the captain and this is where the captain of a starship commanded from.  He let out a long groan and kicked his feet up on the control panel.
            “Computer, how many days left on this voyage?” he ordered.
            Almost instantly the computer replied, “One thousand and fifty four day remaining to destination, Sir.”
            “Son of a bitch!” yelled Samuel.  This wasn’t exactly the assessment that Samuel had planned on.
            Six months earlier Samuel had graduated from top of his class from the elite Starship Academy.  He had excelled in all his courses and was on the fast track to become a command officer on one of the many leisure travel starships that shuttled the well to do from earth to any number of resort colonies spread through out the galaxy.  These ships were all state of the art, filled with any amenity that one could ever dream of.  This is where the best of the best went.  This is where Samuel felt he should be, and it would have been, if he hadn’t spent graduation night with the duty assignment officer’s wife.  Samuel tried not to think about it, hoping that once this three-year trip was over that there would be another duty assignment officer on his place.
            Samuel looked around the bridge and yelled, “Is anyone going to get me a cup of coffee?” as if there was some one there to get it for him. Samuel was the only human on board of a two thousand meter starship.  The ship was a cargo ship, bound for a mining station that was completely automated. This meant that Samuel wouldn’t see another human for an entire three years.
The only companions Samuel had were about a dozen maintenance droids and a 12 series command android. 
The command android resembled a human with no head.  Samuel was starting to get use to this fact, but it still gave him the creeps. Its name was Edward and it’s artificial intelligence program that had no sense of humor.  Samuel tried to tell it a few jokes to which if just caused Edward a lot of frustration.  The newer models were hard to tell that they weren’t human.  This one was more like a toaster with a voice box.  It could carry on a conversation as long as the subject was about the ship or mission.
Samuel stood and walked over to the food dispensers and made some coffee.  Edward entered through the sliding door, “Good morning Captain.”
“What’s so good about it?” replied Samuel.
Edward stopped in his tracks and turned toward Samuel, “The maintenance on the starboard engine was completed and it’s back up to 100%.  By my calculations, we are only five day behind schedule.”
“You call that good new?” said Samuel as he walked back to his seat.
Edward started walking then stopped and just stood there for a long while.  This kind of questions always seemed to confuse him. “Yes Sir, I do.” he said.  Then he continued on with his day-to-day duties on the bridge.
Samuel tried to enjoy his cup of coffee.  He stared out the forward viewing port.  “Are you really a captain if you’re the only one on the board?” he muttered quietly to himself.
Edward answered, “Yes Sir, your are the Captain.  Regulations state that…” He was cut off my Samuel.
“That wasn’t a question Edward!” Once again Edwards metal frame shuttered for just a second trying to make sense of what his captain had said.   He decided not to reply.
Samuel swung his chair around to a computer panel and began to search the company’s database.  “There must be some kind of application, upgrade, or personality programs for the old 12 series droid.” he thought to him self.  He searched for an hour before he found what he was looking for. It wasn’t perfect but it was the only personality upgrade available for this model.  The program was named, “Personality Enhancer.”  He read the brief instruction on installing it and went to work.
It didn’t take long.  After a few keystrokes, Edward entered the room and docked himself into the main computer.  He buzzed and clicked for a few seconds and rebooted himself.  Edward came back to life and Samuel decided to get it a try.
“Edward, how you feeling?” asked Samuel.
Edward responded, “I don’t feel anything, I’m a droid, remember?” in a very sarcastic tone.
“Uh, yea.  I know that Edward.”  Edward was definitely different.  Edward unplugged himself and went back to work.
“Hey Edward, why did the chicken cross the road?” asked Samuel.
“To get away from the bad comedian!” he replied.  Then he made a noise that Samuel thought was a laugh.
“That was a good one Edward,” said Samuel.  Samuel thought it was a funny comeback but he felt it was at his expense.
“Keep talking Samuel and maybe someday you’ll say something intelligent.” Replied Edward.  He sat down at his workstation and started working.
“What the hell!” thought Samuel to him self.  He turned back to his computer and started reading the program description.  This time he read the entire thing. 
There it was, the warning.  Caution, some models may have sarcastic over tones to its humor.  “Great, I’ve created an asshole!” he said.  Samuel scrolled to the instruction on how to remove it.  To remove the program, it required a completely wiping of all its programming.  Including the ones required for this voyage. It didn’t take long before Samuel realized that he was stuck with the new Edward.  “You have got to be shitting me!” Samuel said aloud to him self.
“I wouldn’t shit you Samuel, you’re my favorite turd.” said Edward.
Samuel turned and looked at Edward and he was laughing.  “This is going to be a long trip!”
“Tell me about it” replied Edward.

The End